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3 Accurate Corner Kick Betting Tips You Should Know Today

When a football match takes place, there are various forms of betting to consider. In addition to European handicap, Asian handicap, or over/under, today's corner kick betting also attracts the attention of many players. If you want to beat the bookies and make a profit, don't overlook the corner kick betting tips shared in the following article from the betting analysis website -

1. What is Corner Kick Betting?

To accurately analyze today's corner kick betting, we need to understand the nature of this type of bet first. Corner kick betting, also known as Conners, is a form of wagering widely used in online football betting. When betting in this form, players don't need to focus on the match result in terms of score but only need to track the number of corner kicks taken by both teams in that match.

This form of betting is favored and chosen by many due to its simple and easy winning betting methods. For this type of play, you can choose various betting options such as: over/under corner kick betting, first or last corner kick, corner kick 1×2, or corner kick handicap. The odds for each bet will depend on specific match circumstances.

2. How to View Corner Kick Odds Accurately

Playing corner kick betting is similar to over/under betting. The win or loss depends on the total number of corner kicks from both teams in the match. You win when the number of corner kicks placed is higher than the bookmaker's set limit, and you lose when it's lower. Here are the two most popular corner kick bets today:

Corner kick handicap

Similar to score handicap, after analysis and statistics of recent performances of both teams, the internet bookmaker will offer odds. The favored team will handicap the underdog team by a certain number of corner kicks. For example, in a match between England and Italy, if England handicaps Italy by 2 corners, and if England takes at least 3 corners more than Italy, it's a win. It's a draw if the difference is 2 corners, and it's a loss if it's fewer than 2 corners. Check out the hottest football odds page in 2020.

Total corner kick betting

This method is similar to over/under betting. The bookmakers will set the odds for the total number of corner kicks between both teams, and players will choose either over or under corner kick betting.

3. Corner Kick Betting Tips for Today

Most players who engage in corner kick betting rely on luck and make betting decisions based on intuition. Very few consult, research, and analyze statistics of both teams before making decisions. This is also why they keep playing without tasting the flavor of victory. Enhance your corner kick betting experience with the expert tips from Wintips shared below.

Bet on the team to take the first corner kick

Before placing your bet, you should research and analyze the recent performance statistics of both teams. Some teams always seek to score early goals by deliberately earning early corner kicks. If there's a significant disparity in team strength, choose the stronger team as they're more likely to dominate with an aggressive playing style.

Bet on the team to take the last corner kick in the match

Watch the match live to grasp the situation on the field. If it's a one-sided match, bet on the stronger team to take the last corner kick. If it's a match between two evenly matched teams, observe which team is eager to score as they'll be more proactive in attacking towards the end of the match and likely to earn the last corner kick.

Tips for playing over/under corner kick betting

In major tournaments like the Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, it's advisable to bet on over corner kicks. Consider betting in leagues with low corner kick rates such as the Russian league, Argentine league, etc., for under bets. Place your bets early as the first corner kick often occurs as early as the 8th minute. Moreover, if there are no corner kicks in the first half of a match, there's a high probability of a flurry of corner kicks in the second half.

While corner kick betting may be considered a secondary bet, it still attracts the attention of many bettors. However, despite its simplicity, achieving a high winning rate is not easy. Hopefully, the corner kick betting tips shared in this article from bookmaker apps - Wintips, will help you beat the bookies more often. Read more corner kick betting analysis on Wintips.


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